Acer Aspire Ultrabooks up to 26% off @

Acer Aspire Ultrabooks up to 26% off @

Aspire to buy an ultrabook. Aspire to save money.

These are three ultrabooks on sale:

As usual with Amazon, anything over $25 ships free.

I'm really interested in the ultrabook movement. Unlike the netbook craze of 2009, I feel like this one actually has some legs. Mainly in that it's a full blown laptop that's been stripped to make it slimmer. Unless you're doing some heavy lifting like video editing or photo editing or some heavy gaming you probably don't need anything beefier than one of these.

Acer is now a top brand (Usually #2 or #3, depending on which research company you listen to) in the PC world. They used to be a third tier manufacturer, way back in the day, but have proven themselves worthy.

(Expires: 6th AUGUST 2012)


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