$9.99 Father’s Day Photo Mugs & Free Collection, Walmart or Blacks!

$9.99 Father’s Day Photo Mugs & Free Collection, Walmart or Blacks!


If anyone is still on the hunt for a good Father’s Day gift, consider the creation of a personalised photo mug for your dad/hubby/partner/gramps. I was comparing prices from a few places and I found that both Walmart and Blacks have the best pricing for a basic personalised 11oz photo mug. You can get one for less than $10 at both of these stores, and both also offer free collection from your nearest location!

Free Collection or Pay Shipping?

If you order online via Walmart and want to have your mug shipped, shipping would cost an extra $9.97 so that’s not really worth it. :)

You can get free shipping to your local Blacks store or also to select Telus locations, if you order online @ Blacks.ca. If you don’t live near a Blacks store or Telus location and cannot take advantage of the free collection service, then you might want to pay extra for shipping. Again shipping will cost an extra $9.99 too, so it doesn’t make sense for this option. Free collect at store is the way to go, with this deal!

Price Comparison!

Let’s have a little price comparison and see what we can see elsewhere, in terms of the cost for similar items.

  • Over on Snapfish.ca, basic photo mugs start at $13.99 and shipping from Snapfish is an extra $4.99 on that.
  • At Vistaprint.ca, personalised mugs start at $14 but there’s a coupon code (FIRSTORDER) for 20% off your first order, then shipping is extra on top of that too (E.g. $7.99 to ON).
  • You could buy from London Drugs Photolab, where the cost would be $17.99 with free collect-at-store in this case.
  • Over at Photobox.ca, personalised mugs start at $9.99 too, but shipping is an extra $3.95 on those.
  • From Shoppers Photo, personalised photo mugs start at $14.99.

As you can see, the $9.99 with free collection from either Blacks or Walmart is a great price for this item. And could make an idea Father’s Day pressie.

(Blacks coupon expires 10th June 2015, Walmart deal is ongoing AFAIK)


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