(75% Off) Cheetah or Whale Wireless Mouse: $5.39 & Free Shipping @ HP Canada!

(75% Off) Cheetah or Whale Wireless Mouse: $5.39 & Free Shipping @ HP Canada!


I was browsing round the HP store, looking for deals. They offer free shipping on absolutely everything there, so it’s quite a nice place to search for techie bargains. I stumbled on the promotions and special offers page, and I was glancing at the accessories tab when a couple of mice jumped out at me (not in real life, that would be scary). The whale and the cheetah patterned mice were 59% off, down from $21.99 to only $8.99. I was happy to see this offer and I was thinking about blogging it up, when I glanced in our coupon section here on Bargainmoose, only to see that there was a coupon code for an additional 40% off HP accessories! This means that you can pick up the above cute mice for only $5.39 each!

The HP coupon codeAFMYACC40 must be used to get these mice for the above price. Just pop the mouse of your choice in to your shopping cart, apply the coupon code there and proceed through checkout. Enter your details, and you will also see that it is free shipping to your home.

Avigayil previously wrote about these mice in her post about a HP coupon code, here. At that time, these mice were $6.29 each, but they’re even lower now with this new coupon code. Whoop! For around five bucks for a brand-name wireless mouse, you can’t say fairer than that.

If any of you carry around a laptop and use it for work or business, I would really recommend buying one of these mice. For me, I have a Sony Vaio which I use from time to time. It’s got a little touchpad for a mouse, but I find it infuriatingly awkward to operate as I am so used to the excellent mouse on my desktop computer. I bought a little Logitech mouse which is very similar to the above, and I just throw it in my laptop bag when I am travelling. It’s incredibly useful. Once, I forgot to bring spare batteries for it and it died while I was away working… but I was able to re-home a couple of batteries from the hotel room TV control!

Which do you prefer? The cheetah or the whale? Cheetah is my preference.

(Code expires: 20th May 2015)


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