75% off BoostBloc Battery Packs @ Chapters *HOT*

75% off BoostBloc Battery Packs @ Chapters *HOT*


I swear by external batteries, they are the only thing that keeps my cell phone alive and working at all times. Right now, Chapters Canada is offering 75% off Boost Battery packs. These are going to sell out quickly!

The largest model -BoostBloc 6600 - has already sold out. There are two other models still in stock at 75% off their original retail price:

The numbers - 4000 and 2000 - refer to the number of mAh the battery block has. The larger you get (like the sold out model) the larger your battery pack will be. The 2000 mAh and the 4000 mAh are perfect portable packs for your purse. The 4000 mAh will give you plenty of charge for your average smartphone as this reviewer says:

Bought 3 of these before Christmas. Holds plenty of charge for cellphones. If you are planning to use for iPad get the bigger model as this one can only increase charge by 30%.

I price compared the BoostBloc 4000 by Eton with a couple places:

  • $24.98 @ Toys R Us Canada
  • $59.74 @ Amazon Canada
  • $65.75 @ Walmart Canada (OOS)

I also price compared the smaller Boostbloc 2000 by Eton and found these prices at other retailers:

  • $43.47 @ Amazon Canada
  • $39.99 @ newegg Canada (OOS)

These are such great little battery packs and aesthetically pleasing as well. They may not work well for larger electronics - like an iPad - but for your average smart phone you will get a boost of power that will help you out when your battery runs low.

To give you an example of their charging power an iPhone 5 has a 1,440 mAh battery and a Samsung Galaxy S3 has a 2,100 mAh. The iPhone can be fully charged with either device, while I would recommend the 4000 mAh for the Samsung as you want at least a full charge and the 2000 mAh is just a tiny bit small. I would recommend the 4000 anyway; you get twice the charging power for only one and a half times the price.

I find external battery packs necessary for today's technology. When your life is on your phone, you just cannot afford for the battery to run dead. Overall, these are a fantastic price and I hope you pick up a few before they sell out.

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