(75% off) 36 Packs of Fresh Sugar & Aspartame-Free Mints only $25 & Free Shipping @ Wagjag.com!

(75% off) 36 Packs of Fresh Sugar & Aspartame-Free Mints only $25 & Free Shipping @ Wagjag.com!


Buying in bulk can often make prices of individual foodstuffs quite a bit cheaper. And that’s the case today with this pack of 36 “ThreeWorks Snacks” Sugar & Aspartame-Free Mints. They’re one of the current product deals available on Wagjag.com, and these mints are worth $100 but are priced at $30. And what’s even nicer is that you can apply our Bargainmoose exclusive coupon code MOOSE5 to save an extra $5 on your purchase, bringing them down to only $25 including shipping!

There are 50 mints per pack, so this means you’re paying just over $0.01 per mint!! You can choose from a selection of flavours, everything from regular spearmint through to liquorice! For me, I’d go with the 24 spearmint and 12 orange, for a bit of variety.

There is a limit of 20 purchases per person on this deal, though I cannot imagine that a normal everyday user would want to buy as much as 20 packs of 36 packs of gum. That’s 36,000 mints! Halitosis… hali-NO-sis.

Want your breath to be as fresh and cool as a cucumber (but aren't into cucumber)?

For me, this is the type of deal I'd buy then always have the mints in my purse for ages....

To read a bit more about the snacks themselves, you can find more info here on the Threeworks site. Just beware when you click through as they play an annoying tune, you can stop it by clicking the button at the top right of their site.

Our Bargainmoose exclusive Wagjag coupon code is here in our coupon forums, but you don’t just have to use it on the above deal. You can use it on almost anything else on the Wagjag site. There are more grocery deals here, where you can order anything from cod to coffee.

(Expires: 8th July 2015)


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  • Sue
    Be aware though, that although aspartame free, they do contain sorbitol, just in case you avoid that sweetener (as our family does). Great deal though!
    • Anna W.
      Thanks Sue! Aspartame is the big NO NO at the mo :)