72-Hour Sale at Dell.ca!

72-Hour Sale at Dell.ca!

Dell.ca has everything from  PCs to Laptops to Monitors and even tablets on sale until thursday.

There really are a lot of great deals here. I think some of the btter ones are the monitors. Here are a few of the best:

My Dad is really easy to please as far as technology goes but the last time I was down there he was having some major issues with his monitor. Now his monitor is a 17", non wide screen monitor I picked up for myself about 7 years ago. The thing was amazing at the time but it's getting a bit old. I'm going to be pointing him towards this sale to get a new one. Now that I think about it, he needs a printer too. It's kind of amazing how cheap Dell can get these prices.

To be honest, I've never quite figured out Dell's rationale for these sales. It doesn't seem like most of these products would generate "loss leader" sales but then again, if I knew how to generate sales like Dell did, I wouldn't be a hobo... Regardless, I've been thinking about this and I've come to the conclusion that Dell is the Walmart of computer companies. Of course with their own branded products it's easy to be the Walmost of computer companies. They have fox conn or some similar company open up another section of their factory city and crank out some cheap products. Everyone does that. It's the non-Dell branded products that really gets me. They must put huge pressure on these manufacturers to get them this cheap.

In the end I guess it doesn't matter how the prices get that cheap, as long as we here at Bargainmoose can pass the savings on to you, the buying public. You're welcome.

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