69% off iHome iKN150 Portable Bluetooth Stereo

69% off iHome Portable Stereo

Okay, I have not seen a better price than this for the iHome iKN150 Portable Bluetooth Stereo! You can get it online at Chapters Indigo for just $45 (down from $149.50)!

This stereo has it all - Reson8 speaker chambers that are specially designed with a sealed speaker enclosure to deliver astounding clarity; NFC (near field communication) technology for instant Bluetooth set up; an Integrated mic plus talk/end button so it can be used as a speakerphone with paired cell phone, and more!

You know what this stereo would be perfect for? Everything! But especially for hanging out by the lake or pool all summer.

If you want to grab one, act fast, you don't want to miss this price! Just note it's only available online but will ship for free.

I've also spotted the iHome iKN150 Portable Bluetooth Stereo on sale at Amazon.ca for $61.72.

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