50% off Subscriptions @ BooksFree.com!

50% off Subscriptions @ BooksFree.com!

Netflix for books! BOOM!

We have GameFly to rent games, NetFlix to rent movies and now BooksFree.com to rent books. It uses the same subscription model as Netflix' DVD rental service does in the states, but for books. Basically you sign up for a subscription and they will send you unlimited (kinda, I'll explain in a bit) paperback books or Audiobooks.

The subscription model is really cheap. You can go as low as $7.50/month for one paperback book at a time up to $37.75/month for 6 audio books at a time. You can also do them "a la carte" if you are so inclined.

The thing that I think a lot of people will miss here is the audio book thing. I love audio books. I'm even in the middle of starting production on an audio book. The big problem with audio books is that people remember listening to books on tape. E.g. 900 cassettes of Larry King reading IT by Stephen King. They were boring, they were inconvenient, they just kinda sucked. Nowadays, the quality has gone way, way up. These are no longer terrible monotone ramblings. There are real audio performances by some top notch voice actors. Now and then of course, there are still going to be crappy productions but in general the quality has really jumped up. I listen to these while driving, cleaning, mowing the lawn, fighting off the invading Vord forces and before I go to sleep. I couldn't live without them.

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  • Stephanie
    I was very excited about this, but as far as I can tell on their website they ship only to the US :(
    • Anna W.
      It's more for the virtual services they provide, that's whay we posted the deal here :) Shawn's going to test it out and see how good it is.