Sketchers Lunch Bags Were $16 | Now $7 & Free Shipping @ Globo Shoes

Sketchers Lunch Bags Were $16 | Now $7 & Free Shipping @ Globo Shoes


noticed that Globo Shoes is having a free shipping no minimum deal on right now. They usually have a minimum of $75 for free shipping, so this is quite the deal. As I started to scavenge for deals, I noticed these Sketchers Lunch Bags on sale from $15.99 down to $7.98. That is 50% off the original price for a good quality lunch bag and you get free shipping. On top of that, use coupon codeGLOBO2015 for an extra 10% off, bringing each bag down to $7.18.

Whether you are buying a new lunch bag for your child to take to school or for yourself to take to the office, these Sketchers lunch bags will fit the bill perfectly. Sketchers makes good quality items so I was pleased to see their lunch bags are so affordable. You can choose from: blue, grey, and medium purple (it looks more like pink to me).

Each bag has one large insulated compartment for storing food that needs to be kept cold. On the outside, there is a mesh bag on the side for a water bottle and a mesh enclosure on the front for snacks that do not need to be kept cold - like snack bars. A padded handle up top keeps the weight of your lunch from bothering small hands. Essentially, it is a great basic lunch kit.

I read a few studies about the amount of money you could save over a year by bringing a bagged lunch to work. The estimate was - between the cost of a basic lunch and the cost to make the lunch at home - that you would save approximately $5 per day. That adds up to $25 per week saved and potentially more if you spend closer to $10 on a lunch. Even if you started taking a bagged lunch to work a few times a week, you could save yourself some serious money.

A few friends of mine resist taking bagged lunches because they say the lunch bags don't keep their cold stuff cold enough. I tell them to stick their lunch bag in the freezer each night. That really makes the entire bag quite cold helps the insulated inside retain the cool. Your lunch will be much colder by time noon comes around.

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