50% Off Minion Stuart Laughing Action Figure - Now $25 @ Toys R Us

50% Off Minion Stuart Laughing Action Figure - Now $25 @ Toys R Us


For all our little minion lovers out there, Toys R Us Canada has a great deal on this interactive Despicable Me 2 - Minion Stuart Laughing Action Figure. This figure is on sale from $49.9 down to $24.97. Receive free shipping on orders of $49 or more. Alternatively, you can pick up at your local store for free if it is available there.

This interactive toy will have your children going crazy. When they press Stuart's front pockets, he will say funny expressions. You can also move his head back and forth, which will trigger another response. Also, move his head left to right for another unique response. Minion Stuart will be entertaining for adults and children alike. One reviewer said:

This was a birthday present for my 3-year-old! He was thrilled when he opened the box and even better when he saw that it was a talking minion! He takes it with him everywhere! It is very well made! I ended up buying another one for my 4-year-old because it is just a great toy!

There are some adult collector reviews as well. This toy seems like a great buy with many adults saying that it is the best toy ever. Oddly enough, I cannot find this toy at Walmart Canada and it is only sold in the Amazon Marketplace (starting at $66), not by Amazon themselves.

I also wanted to mention a couple other toys of the same theme that are on sale. The Despicable Me - Bee-Do Fireman Minion was also $59.99 and is now just $29.97. He is also 50% off right now, but a slightly higher price point. I think I might like the Fireman minion a little better than the talking Stuart. What is a minion without a girl to save or a boss to pester? We cannot help you with Gru, but Despicable Me 2 - Collector's Edition Agnes - English Edition was $49.98 and is now $29.98. If you are going to get your order shipped home, then you can add on either one of these figures for free shipping with Minion Stuart.

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