50% Off Long-Haul Trips for March Break @ Via Rail Canada

50% Off Long-Haul Trips for March Break @ Via Rail Canada

March Break will be here, and fast! Are you looking for somewhere to travel with the kids? Then perhaps you will enjoy this seat sale eat Via Rail Canada. Right now you can get 50% off long-haul trips for you and the kids. There are lots of fun options!

There are loads of options within this seat sale at Via Rail Canada. Some of the options are even appealing to me - and I don't have much want or need to travel within Canada. Some of my co-workers live in Winnipeg, so if I wanted to have a nice visit and catch up with them I could get a one-way Economy Class ticket from Toronto to Winnipeg for just $167.

I have family in New Brunswick as well. While it doesn't appear that I can get to Moncton from a local station at a discount, I could go from Montreal to Moncton for just $87 one way. Pretty sweet, right!? Do you have anywhere that you were looking to travel to with the family?

You have until March 13th, 2016 to book your trip with this discount. You can travel anytime between March 10th and June 30th, 2016 - so this is a great offer even if you're looking for a weekend getaway with or without the kids in the future. You will need 7-day advance purchase though, so get started if you want to travel in the immediate future.

(Expiry: 13th March 2016)


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  • catgurl

    We did this last year and NEVER again.  We decided to do a short trip instead of cross country, so went from Vancouver to Edmonton. The train going to Edmonton was over 7 hours late, so we basically lost the night booked at the hotel. Our luggage got opened and one of our locks was missing (don't know why they would even open the luggage since it was in Canada). 

    The train tracks are owned by CN, so Via Rail has to give priority to the freight trains, so we got stuck behind slow freight train and then a broken down one. Stuck on the train in the middle of nowhere for hours, no communication and no cell service, so we couldn't even figure out where we were. Asked one of the train staff what was going on and they wouldn't even answer us. Random people were going into the luggage train car when it should only be train staff, and some people smoking pot as well.  The air is recirculated and not cooled, so we were steaming while stuck in the non moving car. 

    Chairs are not comfy, train is old and there is food service but we didn't use since it was pricey and we already packed a bunch of sandwiches.

    The train trip back home was good, and actually got in 1 hour early with happy go lucky staff. I did file a claim and got my lock reimbursed. Nothing was missing but I filed a report because the staff I spoke to also mentioned that the luggage should not have been opened, and my concerns of random people going into the luggage car as well.

    Yes, we did save money on the tickets, but honestly, a road trip in the car is so much better.  You get to your destination earlier and whenever you want, and you can take breaks and go places. Plus you can rent a motel room for a nice good sleep.

    So we did the train journey once but never again.

    • Brenda G.

      will be checking that out today lol