50 Free Moo Cards Via Facebook

50 Free Moo Cards Via Facebook

Facebook and Moo.com have just announced a joint venture – social business cards! And to celebrate, they’re offering the first 200,000 users of the service 50 free business cards each.

I’ve just tested this out minutes ago, and my cart came up as free, with free shipping too. Order fast though, as I think this freebie will not last for long! It's actually for the first 500 each day.

You’ve got to have a Facebook account, and allow Moo.com access to your profile (pretty standard with apps like this). You’ve got to use the timeline app on Facebook, and it uses your cover photos as the photos on the free business cards from Moo.com.

Get them quick!

Tell us in the comments below if you manage to get the freebie!


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