5 Surprise Tees For $25 (Was $50!) @ Jack Of All Trades Clothing *HOT!* - BUMP

5 Surprise Tees For $25 (Was $50!) @ Jack Of All Trades Clothing *HOT!* - BUMP


*BUMP!* Jack of All Trades Clothing has changed the coupon code on this awesome promotion, so if you missed it last time, make sure to take advantage of it this time around! For men, all sizes are sold out except for S and for women, only the XXL size is sold out. As it turns out, a code isn't needed. Just click on the link below to activate the promotion!

Holy cow! If you or your hubby love superhero shirts, then here's a hot gem of a deal that you won't want to pass up on! You can usually get 5 surprise t-shirts for $50 but right now, you can get them for just $25. That's a "5 for $25" deal, instead of the regular $50!

At Jack of All Trades, most t-shirt usually go for $25 and this isn't counting any kind of sales or discounts. As I already mentioned, the surprise pack of shirts promo usually includes 5 t-shirts for $50, which comes down to $10 per shirt. So with the discount, you're looking at getting each shirt for just $5!

That is actually really quite awesome if you're a fan of these shirts or know someone who is. There is only one downside but it's to be expected with such a fantastic sale. With regards to the men's surprise pack of shirts, only the S, M and L sizes are available and for women, only the S, M, L or XL sizes are left.

Notwithstanding this little hiccup, the selection of sizes left is still a pretty good one but just don't wait until the last dayas sizes may just sell out super quick.

Granted, you don't know which shirts you will be getting but at $5 a pop, does it even really matter?

For the men's one, there are 4 reviews with a total rating of 3.5/5 stars. Here's what one reviewer had to say about this surprise pack:

Everything is great thanks

Short and to the point, so here's another one:

Didn't expect all of the designs to in my liking. So 50% is better than expected.

So it's a toss up: you may either love it all, hate it all or love it partially, but are you willing to take the risk? I am!

Shipping is at a flat rate of $5 but if you shop for over $60, then it will be free.


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  • Anna W.
    Awesome deal.
    • Airdom
      XL is also sold out sadly!
      • Airdom
        Nevermind, XL isn't sold out. You can also use the code JACK5 for an extra 5% off!
        • Airdom
          Scratch that, use coupon COMICFAN15 and get an extra 15% off instead!
          • Ashley
            Coupon Code of SURPRISE5 is not working at checkout
            • Carrie
              Kind of hesitant since there are practically NO women's t-shirts even on the site. Got to wonder what you'll get...
              • Airdom
                So yeah, coupon codes are not supposed to be working. Apparently i got a glitch so I got the 15% off and it worked for me! Just tried again and now discounts don't work!