48x Zwipes Microfiber Cleaning Cloths Were $56 now only $20.32 @ Amazon.ca!

48x Zwipes Microfiber Cleaning Cloths Were $56 now only $20.32 @ Amazon.ca!


Over on Amazon.ca just now, you can pick up a bulk lot of some Zwipes microfiber cleaning cloths at an excellent price – just $20.32 for a pack of 48! This works out at approximately $0.42 per cleaning cloth.

These cleaning cloths fall just under the free shipping threshold of $25 on Amazon.ca. You could pop something small in your cart to fill it up. Or, those of us with Amazon Prime can get these shipped for free anyway, without worrying about the cart size.

I hear you ask, why does anyone need 48 microfiber cleaning cloths!? Well, everyone uses this type of cloth in a different fashion. For example in my household, I have about 10 of these in my cleaning cupboard. I have a little rhyme which I use when cleaning the bathroom… pink for the sink, blue for the loo. I use the different coloured cloths for different jobs, and everyone who visits the house knows not to use the blue cloths for any job other than cleaning the toilet. I use the lime green ones for kitchen use and general all-round cleaning, things like surfaces and windows.

When I first heard about microfiber cloths, it was actually for window cleaning. I saw a demonstration at a store, where a rep used one wet cloth to clean the window, then a dry cloth of another colour to dry the window. It didn’t use any cleaning chemicals or fluids, just the microfiber cloths. Since then, I’ve been using these cloths around the home. They’re super for cleaning windows without cleaning products, leaving them smear-free.

I do think 48 is probably quite a lot of cloths for your average household, but you could even consider ordering these and splitting the order with some friends or family. These are very handy cleaning cloths and can be used anywhere. A few of the product images on Amazon show people using these cloths to clean their car – this is a super idea and something I hadn’t thought of myself.

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