45% off Barbie Dream House 1962 Reproduction

45% off Barbie Dream House 1962 Reproduction

This has to be one of the most incredible toys I've seen on Amazon.ca in a while. I was just peeking around through the deal section, and I found this Barbie Dream House (1962 Reproduction) for 45% off!

Honestly, forget the kids for a second – I want this dollhouse for myself! And since it's only $70.80, down from $128, I have to say, I'm a little tempted to get it!

This 1962 version of the Barbie Dream House includes all the furniture Barbie could need, as well as Barbie herself!

The entire thing is even portable, since you can fold all the furniture up into the house, which doubles as a carrying case!

The last time I checked, there were still three houses available, so there's still time to get your hands on one if you hurry!

And if you're looking for the new Barbie Dream House instead, Amazon.ca has it for $259.

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