40% Off Reg. Priced Office Furniture @ Best Buy Canada

40% Off Reg. Priced Office Furniture @ Best Buy Canada

Best Buy is having a really great sale on regular priced office furniture - 40% off will make a huge dent in the price of brand new furniture.

I've always wanted to have one of these types of drawers to store things like books, electronics, and more. This Omaha Transitional Storage Rack with 3 foldable baskets is intriguing - I thought the picture was a mistake, but they actually show that the baskets fold up! The regular price on this small storage unit is $71.98 but with the 40% off discount, the sale price is only $43.19. I am pretty realistic about this. I know because it's foldable, it likely won't be able to hold a ton of books, etc. but if I put lighter things in it, it will serve it's purpose very well.

Book shelves are always a nice addition in a home - they help to organize, at times hide clutter and are practical for things besides only books, such as collectibles. There are only 2 of these South Shore City Life 4-Shelf Book Cases in stock right now, but it is definitely worth a mention because for only $78.59 down from $130.98, you can't not take a peek at it.

If you need an office chair, the 40% off price is a solid price. The DX Racer Chairs are a popular choice for gamers, and they are extremely comfortable. the sale price on the DX Racers start at $750 regular price. (Check out this beautiful gray fabric one! You don't need to be a gamer to love this chair.) With your 40% discount, the price would be around $450.

Keep in mind with this office furniture sale, there are still some exclusions. I noted that some of the Best Buy Marketplace sellers are not applicable for the discount, for example.

Shipping is free, unless otherwise stated!

(Deal expiry: Unknown)


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