3v Visa Vouchers Review

3v Visa Vouchers Review


3V Visa is a pre-paid voucher that can be used just like a credit card anywhere online that Visa is accepted. I recently got the chance to try out a $20 voucher… just as a tester to see what it was like, and I thought I would share my thoughts here.

I received the Visa voucher and I went to the site and clicked on the "Redeem a 3v Visa activation code," at the top of the page. The screen prompted me to first add in my voucher code, enter in my email address, make a password, and then all my personal information like name and address etc. They posted on screen my 16 digit number, and then emailed the security details to me. Then all I had to do was spend it!

I bought some smellies on Yvesrocher.ca, and it was just the same as using my normal credit card.

For those of you who are a bit wary of sharing your credit card details online while shopping, the 3V Visa voucher might be a good idea.

P.S. I also noticed that they are giving away a $20 voucher every week on the 3V Visa facebook group.


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  • copycraigs
    When & where are they available? I have searched all over with no luck!
    • Anna
      There's a store locator on the 3V website craig :)
      • copycraigs
        I will buy you a $100 voucher if you can find me a store in Canada that sells them. Good luck
        • Anna
          Not sure what your issue is... Get 3V Visa vouchers from 15,000 locations right across Canada. Put in your postal code and see stores near you.
          • copycraigs
            Got into contact with someone ay 3V Visa, even she had a hard time finding one. But she came through with a couple of locations. Thanks
    • Jeremie
      that's cool for someone who didn't have credit card!!
      • WendyD
        MyTreat prepaid Visas are also available at Mac's convenience stores and other places. I attached them to my PayPal and used them online before I was old enough for a real credit card.
        • LaurieD
          many of these 'anonomous' visa cards have some fine print though, they have automated fees the first time that you activate, and then ongoing fees that reduce the balance, so best to get small denominations, and spend them fast. and as always.. read the fine print :-)
          • 3V V.
            Hi I'm just coming accross this review as I do some web monitoring for 3V Visa. Just to let you know, the product has just been launched in January and that's why it is sometimes hard to find in store. Sales associates sometimes just don't know they sell it! Thankfully the product awareness is growing! Secondly, there is no activation fee, no ongoing fees. Here is our fee system: $20 Visa voucher : no purchase fee $30 Visa voucher : $2.95 fee $50 Visa voucher : $2.95 fee $100 or more : $4.95 fee If you don't have a credit card, don't want to pay interest charges, want to shop online but still control your budget, then the 3V Visa is for you. And yes, we're running a weekly giveaway for a $20 3V Visa virtual voucher. This week's contest finishes up tomorrow at midnight, a new one will start on Monday March 15: http://bit.ly/3V_Visa_Facebook
        • Dan
          I was part of the same test group back in January. I tried using the 3V Visa on-line voucher at three iconic Canadian retailers.....Homt Depot, Tim Hortons and Swiss Chalet (Ok, maybe just the last two are iconic Canadian retailers). Anyway, it failed to work at all three. Unbelievable. If interested, you can read about my experiences here: http://dailyhomerenotips.com/2010/03/10/3v-visa%c2%ae-review/ I cannot recommend this product. For me, 3 strikes and they are out. Dan
          • copycraigs
            3V VISA is the way to go! Sure it doesn't work with Swiss Chalet, but if you can get past that, the 3V VISA service is like no other. Thank you 3V VISA!
          • john
            Cannot use 3V visa on PayPal. Terrible