These Tents Are a Soccer Parent's Dream Come True!

These Tents Are a Soccer Parent's Dream Come True!

Whether your kids play soccer, softball, baseball, football or field hockey, they all lead to the same thing: you spending at least a few hours every week in the great outdoors. And if it's raining or at the peak of mosquito season (or, heaven forbid, snowing), those games and practices can really start to test your patience.

Enter: the Under the Weather Pop-Up Tents! These pod tents are designed to take up about as much space on the sidelines as a camp chair, but they keep you safe from the elements.

We've told you about these portable tents before (and you may have seen them on Shark Tank), but we think they're awesome enough to warrant another mention.

What's great about these is that you can use them pretty much anywhere: the beach, the park, camping trips – even just for watching the kids play in the yard!

They have a few different models on sale right now:

  • MiniPod (for kids) $75.46 (was $88.04)
  • MeshPod (for protection from bugs and the sun) $100.62 (was $113.20)
  • PhotoPod (for photographers) $213.83 (was $251.56)

All prices on their site are listed in USD, but I did the conversion for everything listed above.

Shipping to Canada is a flat rate of $29.99, no matter how many pods you buy (so it might be a good idea to reach out to the team and see if anyone wants to get in on this)!

Other places to buy Under the Weather

Sometimes, you can find deals on these pop-up tents at They don't have any on sale right now, but shipping is always free (on orders over $35), so you save $29.99 anyway!

Right now, the Under the Weather XLPod Pop-Up Tent is $199.99 shipped at and available in black, orange, red, royal blue, hunter green and navy blue.

Unfortunately, there aren't any Under the Weather coupons that I could find right now, but I'll let you know if and when any show up!


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  • Linda B.
    I would love to see pics of the other sizes and maybe explain how they are set up. Can they be set up just on grassy areas or what about asphalt along the field sides. Do they need pegs in the ground like tents. The site does not give enough information for someone who is interested in purchasing some of them. Maybe a video would be better to show the setup and sized...I hope so...There are a number of soccer/football fans here in my area that are interested but need more info before doing so. Thanks.
    • Anna W.
      Hi Linda! That's some feedback you probably want to pass on to the retailers... thanks :)
    • Shane H.

      Maybe not just for soccer games. Maybe just live in it.

      • Amanda W.

        this made me think of all your “soccer in the rain” pics from last season:)

        • Tess D.

          Lol a friend of mine and I have seen these a few times