30% off Select Drinkware @ Starbucks

30% off Select Drinkware @ Starbucks

I'm not afraid to say, I have a serious caffeine addiction and Starbucksis my lifeline.

As a busy mom juggling work, kids and their after school activities; one extra challenging morning, I skipped my usual Latte and ventured into the wonderful world of coffee.

Since I don't love adding extra sugar and live for Latte's, I decided to grab a bottle of the Starbuck's Sugar-Free Vanilla Syrupfor $16.95 to try at home. On mornings I can't make it to my Barista, I've learned how to brew coffee (press the Tassimo button), figured out the syrup to coffee ratio and my morning coffee tastes amazing. The bottles are 1L and last forever. Best idea I've ever had.

Now that I'm making more at home, I've been looking for a new travel mug. With 30% off, I'm torn between this Ceramic & Stainless Faceted Mug in purple & gold on sale for $20.27 and the same style Faceted Mug in emerald green at $16.77. Once the warm weather arrives, I'll already have my Frappuccino® Cold Cup on sale for $13.27 in purple, for when I attempt making iced coffees.

Orders over $75 ship free and if this is your first order, enjoy 10% off regular priced items with code "STNPWEKD".


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