Matching Mother-Daughter Dresses from $56.30

Matching Mother-Daughter Dresses from $56.30

We first showed you these adorable dress sets a couple months ago, and they're finally on sale! Palava matching mother-daughter dresses are all marked down at Modcloth Canada, and they start at about $56.30 each!

These look like something straight out of Sound of Music, and they're some of the sweetest mother-daughter outfits I've ever seen!

Everything is made from environmentally friendly, organic cotton fabrics, and you know these would make for the cutest matching photoshoots!

All prices are listed in USD, but after the conversion, girls' dresses start at $56.30 CAD (from $73.83 CAD), and women's dresses are as low as $117.63 CAD (from $236.52 CAD)!

See all the styles to choose from:

  • Reindeer
  • Cinematic Story
  • Mountain
  • Trellis
  • Wetland

International shipping is free on orders over $75.


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  • Amelia P.


    • Anna B.

      You know I would!! Not sure how much longer Ari will wanna match me tho!

      • Nicole P.

        she loves it I’m sure!!

        • Anna B.

          so far!

          • Anna B.

            so far!

            • Angela J.


              • Angela J.

                too cute

                • Kristy H.

                  I thought of you right away!

                  • Kayla G.

                    I just got Liv and I matching dresses a few weeks ago! Haven’t had a chance to wear them yet :weary: thankfully Liv is totally for it :laughing::heart_eyes:

                    • Bella J.

                      I’ve slightly outgrown toddler size

                      • Liz G.

                        This is so cute!