4 Months of Premium For $5 @ Texture Black Friday Sale

4 Months of Premium For $5 @ Texture Black Friday Sale

I can't tell you how many times I have cuddled up with a good magazine after the kids have gone to bed, and wished that I didn't need to use both hands to read (so that I could hold my wine glass)! Want to try something with me? Texture Canada has 3 months of their Premium membership on for $5 during their Black Friday Canada promotion - which is a great steal, plus you'll get your first 30 days for free as a trial.

Texture sounds pretty awesome if I do say so myself. For $5, you will get 3 months (plus your extra 30 day trial) of unlimited access to all weekly magazines, monthly magazines, back issues, and you can access your account on up to 5 tablets and smartphones - you don't even need WiFi once you have saved your preferred library.

Omg guys, they have the Cosmopolitan magazine on here. I feel like I need to enjoy a good flip through a Cosmo magazine - and the magazine alone costs more than $5 so why not have unlimited access for 3 months for that amount?!

Some of the other magazines included are: People, Hello! Canada, Maclean's, Time, Chatelaine, Real Simple, House & Home, and more.

After your free trial month & 3 months, you can easily unsubscribe so that you aren't charged the full rate - and then wait for another promotion, or keep it if you love it that much.


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