3 D'Eco Infusion Water Bottles for $23 @ Amazon

3 D'Eco Infusion Water Bottles for $23 @ Amazon

If you drink a lot of water, you probably get tired of the same non-taste all the time. If you haven't tried infusing your water, now is the time to start. And I came across this set of three infuser water bottles by D'Eco on Amazon that is just $22.99!

You can pay more than $23 for one of these types of bottles. Not to mention, of course, any reusable bottle is better on our wallets and the environment versus packaged, bottled water. These are 20-ounce, BPA-free plastic bottles that are dishwasher safe (love that).

If you need some ideas, here are some great infusion 'recipes':

  • A few strawberries (sliced or mashed), a lemon slice and a piece of basil
  • Orange, lemon and lime slices, cucumber and a small mint leaf
  • Kiwi and cucumber
  • Mango pieces and a slice of lime
  • Halved red grapes and orange slices

If you're not a Prime member, you'll need to top your order up by a couple of dollars to receive free shipping (but that's never hard, right?). Bonus: if you received one of the $10 account credits by purchasing a gift card, you'll pay $3 for the bottles!

What's your favourite infusion recipe, Moosers?

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