25% off When You Buy 2 or More Zoku Products

25% off Zoku Bundles @ Well.ca

If you've been shopping for Zoku pop makers, you've probably noticed that they almost never go on sale – and that's why I was stoked to see this deal at Well.ca.

All summer long, you can bundle two or more Zoku products together and score 25% off!

The most famous thing Zoku makes, of course, is their Quick Pop Maker, which can freeze ice pops in as little as seven minutes – so the kids (and you) never have to wait too long for a popsicle on a hot day!

You can mix and match products to get the 25% off. So a Zoku Ice Cream Maker ($26.23 from $34.98 with the deal) and Zoku Classic Pop Maker ($22.86 from $30.48) will only cost you $49.09 when you bundle the two of them together.

Orders over $35 ship free.

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