25% Off Retro Toys @ Chapters

25% Off Retro Toys @ Chapters

This Christmas I am reliving my childhood through my kids by gifting them toys that I loved as a child. Many of these retro toys almost never go on sale so I am thrilled that I can get 25% off by using the promo code INDIGOKIDS. It is almost like paying 1980s prices!

I can't wait to see my little one playing with these classic Fisher Price toys. I spent hours playing DJ with my Fisher Price record player. Admit it. If you didn't own one, you totally wanted it. It costs $29.99 with the INDIGOKIDS discount. I just loved to visit with my cousins to play with their Music Box Ferris Wheel. I am so excited that my kids I will now have one of their my very own for $37.50. And my kids have owned numerous toy cash registers over the years. But you can't beat a simple classic. The Fisher Price cash register also costs $37.50 on sale at Chapters.

There are so many throwback toys available for older children. I am picking up the Spirograph set for my mini-artist. And was there any toy that I enjoyed more than fashion plates for $22.47? Never did rainbow colored bellbottoms look more fashionable. While it looks modern and new, the classic charm of the Lite Brite is undeniable. It costs $26.21 with promo code INDIGOKIDS. What little boy didn't covet the rock tumbler? At $60 I might just make my husband's childhood dreams come true.

I am not so secretly hoping that Santa might bring me the Snoopy Sno Cone Maker that he thought would be "too messy" all those years ago. Please! I have been a very good moderately well-behaved girl.


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  • Kathleen C.

    I have the original Snoopy sno cone maker...I just can't bring myself to part with it!!!!

    • Vanessa K.

      I think we got a hand me down from my cousins, will you make me one in the summer? Lol

      • Amy N.

        I have one as well. It just moved with me.

      • Ethel N.

        Ha ha ! Amy time to give it up!