25% Off Rain Coats & Boots @ Souris Mini

25% Off Rain Coats & Boots @ Souris Mini

Souris Mini knows April showers are on the horizon and are helping us prepare with 25% off Rain Coats & Boots!

I'm a sucker for a cinched waist and love this jacket so much! On sale for $52.46, the Hooded Windbreaker is fully lined and waterproof.

Just like my Hunter's these Rain Boots are adorable in pink, silver, teal or navy and are on sale for $27.71, with the matching Fleece Lining also 25% off at $11.96.

When my girls were little, Bunting Bags saved me. There is no way we would have made it anywhere even remotely on time without them! I love the gorgeous colours of the Souri Mini bags, on sale for $56.21.

There's also a lot to choose from in the Clearance section as well, with up to 50% of in each department!


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  • Graciousstore

    Great time to prepare for next winter!