25% off Boogie Boards from $29.96 @ Chapters

25% off Boogie Boards from $29.96 @ Chapters

My kids love their Boogie Boards - they're part craft, part toy, and can totally fall under the educational category as well. And they're currently 25% off at Chapters!

If you're not familiar with them, Boogie Boards are a type of doodle board but these ones come with a few extra benefits. For example, some of them are translucent, allowing kids to easily trace letters, numbers and pictures. While others connect with your digital devices to save, share and edit drawings, notes and PDFs.

Check these out:

These boards are hardy, and kids can create drawing after story after game, without wasting paper. Once they're done, they can save their work using the paired downloadable app (available on most versions) then erase for a clean slate with the bush of a button.

Now through Friday Chapters is offering free shipping with no minimum spend.


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