25% off Bags, Clothes, Accessories @ Michael Kors

25% off Bags, Clothes, Accessories @ Michael Kors

Gearing up for the holidays? You’re going to want to check out Michael Kors!

I was just hinting to my husband that I really need a new purse, and that it would be the perfect Christmas present. And as luck would have it, now is actually the perfect time to choose one because Michael Kors is getting into the holiday spirit with 25% off!

With this discount, I’m hoping to score a nice piece of jewelry to go with my new purse as well! Because more than just handbags are included in this sale.

Check these out:



Watches and Jewelry

While not everything is included in this sale, many items are. So take a look through the site and get your wish list in order! You can shop 25% off until December 12, 2017.

Shipping is free on orders of $99 or more.


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