2 XL One Topping Pizzas $19.99 + Movie Passes @ Pizza Pizza

2 XL One Topping Pizzas $19.99 + Movie Passes @ Pizza Pizza

With the first few days of March Break and Daylight Savings time starting to sink in, I was pretty pumped when I found tonight's dinner & movie passes for tomorrow!

Pizza Pizza has some amazing deals on right now, this movie deal for online orders of $13.99 or more is fantastic. You'll receive 2 for 1 admission at Cineplex Theatres and you are not limited to what you can order!

There is also a promo for 2 XL 1-topping pizzas for 19.99, which include a $10 voucher for Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle purchases of $20 or more at Toys R Us.

March Break can be an expensive week of entertaining the kids; these deals are great way to spread out the fun and cost!

Orders can be placed online for pick up or delivery and no codes required. Just be sure to set your location, at the top of the page, before starting your order.


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