2 For $30 Mix N' Match Event @ Roots Canada

2 For $30 Mix N' Match Event @ Roots Canada

If you're wanting to shop to celebrate Canada Day, what better place than Roots? Roots holds a strong bond with us Canadians - and right now there are Mix & Match promotions going on so we can outfit our kids with Roots apparel for just a fraction of the regular cost. Check out the discounts to be had below.

There's actually a few different offers for the Mix & Match Event at Roots Canada:

This is great because normally you would only be able to get last season's sale items for this price. The items are limited, of course, to the select ones you see in the link above. In the kids' section, the items included in this offer would be regularly priced at $24, and the toddler & baby items are regularly priced at $20.

Get free shipping on orders over $50 - so maybe grab two outfits for the kids during this promo?


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