123inkcartridges.ca: iPad 2 Smart Cases $12.99

123inkcartridges.ca: iPad 2 Smart Cases $12.99

If you have a dashing iPad 2 and want one of those smart cases you can get a no-name version of it for much cheaper than the Apple brand. 123inkcartridges.ca sells a version that does all the same things for a fraction of the price! Right now pay only $12.99 for a smart case for your iPad 2. Compare that with Apple's $39.00 and you are singing!

You have 2 colour choices: pink or grey. The blue one is priced at $19.99 still so if you want to pay a little more for blue you can. I asked them about it and they said they would try and get someone to change the price of the blue to match, but who knows how long that will take.


  • Protects the Screen From Dust and Dirt
  • Secures to the iPad's Built-in Magnets
  • Secure Fitting / Easy to Use or Remove
  • Can be Folded to a Handy Keyboard Stand
  • Folds into Tilt Stand for Easier Reading
  • Sets Up for Hands-Free Video Calling
  • Folds Back for On-The-Fly HD Shooting
  • Automatically Wakes iPad 2 from Sleep
  • Makes Game Playing Easier and More Fun
  • Slim and Sturdy

Shipping is free over $49 but even under $49 it will only cost you $4.95 to get one of these home, still well under $20 a unit. That equals approx.  1/2 of what you would pay for an Apple brand cover.


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