The Body Shop Canada: Skin Care 3 for $30

The Body Shop Canada just finished a skin care sale and now they have topped that and are giving a new deal with even more savings.  Until 11th March, select any toner, cleanser, and moisturizer all of just $30, which is a possible savings of 50% depending on which ones you choose.

Here is the fine print for this deal:

Any items less than $10 purchased in connection with the Offer will retain their original price, and any applicable reduction will be applied to purchased items with a retail value in excess of $10. Should the 3 purchased items total less than $30 at regular price, no discount shall apply.

Whats great about this deal is that you get to pick your own personal skin care routine specifically for your skin type.  To get this deal, you pick any of the cleansers, then add a toner and add a moisturizer to your shopping cart all for $30.  Since some of the moisturizers are regularly priced as high as $36, like this Natrulift firming night cream you could save a lot of money with this deal depending on which products you are interested in.

As an added bonus, until 11th March The Body Shop Canada is also offering free shipping for all orders over $50.

(Expiry: 11th March 2012)


  • Feoilseantoir
    I put one of ieach tem in my cart, and it still is asking for the full price in checkout. :(
  • Feoilseantoir
    I put one of each item in my cart, and they are still asking full price in checkout. :(
    • joy
      Worked fine for me. Be sure to follow the link above since it takes you right to the page where they have all the products included in the sale.
      • Feoilseantoir
        Yep...did exactly that. Not sure why I was charged full price.
  • Anna
    Yes, tested and working here too. Thanks Joy!
  • Feoilseantoir
    I even just picked 3 different ones and added to my cart----still full price. WTF?
    • Anna
      Which 3? Maybe we can try it too?
  • Feoilseantoir
    I picked Vitamin E Hydrating Toner Natrulift Softening Facial Wash Wise Woman™ Regenerating Night Cream
    • Becci
      Just tried it with those 3 products. It's the Vitamin E Hydrating Toner that seems to be causing the problem (I have no idea why). Try a different toner, and it should work.

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