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Soapier has just launched online in Canada, and to celebrate they are offering to pay the tax on all orders! sells Soaps by the slice - high quality vegetable glycerin soap in various fragrances and designs. Soapier started in the US, but they now have this website for us Canucks to make our orders. As far as I can see, they ship Canada post, so you wouldn't need to worry about duties or fees. I added a $7.50 soap and shipping was only $1.18 extra, that's relaly reasonable.

I've never used any of the products from Soapier as I'm not a huge fan of non-liquid soaps, but some of their products sound absolutely luscious. Arabian nights, blue sugar, beach breezes... and not to mention the ones that sound good enough to eat; cherry bomb, bacon soap (!) and pumpkin roll!

They've even got a reddit alien soap for the fans of reddit!

(Thanks for alerting me to their grand opening Lena!)


  • Lena
    Would love to smell the bacon soap ;)
      You really need to smell it to believe it! Who doesn't love bacon?
      • Anna
        My partner. He hates pork, for no reason other than his taste buds. Weird man.
  • K
    Unique soap I'd love to try, but shipping costs are high (especially for smaller orders).
      Hi K, Shipping small packages within Canada cheaply is indeed a bit of a challenge! We've found that the best deal is to ship is through Canada Post, but the interesting thing is that it the cost to ship one bar is not much less at all than the cost to ship multiple bars. There is a "minimum cost" to ship a package regardless of size unfortunately.
  • Avigayil
    I have so much lush soap I will be soaping for years. But this soap looks awesome too.. and I would love to try it. Compared to lush shipping, their shipping isn't bad.
      Thanks for the kind words! If you like Lush products, you will absolutely *love* ours! :)

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