Kuo Cosmetics 40% Off Coupon Code

Kuo Cosmetics 40 Off coupon code

What’s better than Valentine’s Day, post-Valentine’s Day sales! Get 40% off Kuo Cosmetics when you spend $30 or more with this coupon code.

When you spend $30 or more at Kuo Cosmetics, this coupon code will give you a 40% discount.

  • Coupon Code: Cupid2
  • Discount: 40% Off
  • Expires: March 1, 2010

The best sales always comes after the holiday or event. At Kuo Cosmetics, this Canadian online beauty store is offering 40% off everything with a purchase of $30 or more with this coupon code which is good until March 1. Also shipping is free when you spend $100 or more or there is a flat rate of $5 standard shipping for any order.

They carry very reputable organic and sustainable cosmetics brands including 100% Pure and Girlactik Beauty. Also $5 flat rate shipping is such a good value for not having to leave to house during the cold and dreary winter.

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