Get Migraines?! Poor you! :( Get Tylenol!?

I know migraines can be a killer. People who have never had one think they are just the same as a headache, but they really are not. I’ve suffered from migraines for a few years now, getting a pretty severe one every few months. First of all, I start to see splodges in my vision, and then it leads to a full-blown head buster.

Have you ever tried Tylenol Migraine relief tablets? They’re supposed to be specifically for migraine sufferers. Well, if you’d like to try them out, or get a good deal on stocking up your supply, check out these free Tylenol coupons.

Do you live near a London Drugs store? As these coupons all have different bar codes, you will be able to stack them on one item, to get a mega discount. It could make for a $5 discount off the migraine product!

I heard a few things about migraines, don’t know if these are true though. Apparently, if you are already into the throws of the actual migraine, taking painkillers does not help, as your stomach has stopped digestion. Is this true? Apparently it’s good to take a ibuprofen based pill as soon as you feel the first inklings of the migraine.

Thanks to That *Denise* Girl.

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