ELF Cosmetics: BOGO 50% Off Inventory (or get a GC instead)


So ELF Cosmetics (eyeslipsface) is offering some major deals... like.. wow! The big one is BOGO 50% off their entire inventory! Your cart has to be $25+ to use the coupon code for this, which is pretty easy to do.

Click here to shop ELF Cosmetics

  • Coupon Code: ECD4
  • Expires: 48 hours

Now that is pretty special, however, the following coupon codes may actually exceed that pretty one above:

  • Spend $50, get a $25 gift card - Use code: CB25
  • Spend $25, get a $10 gift card - Use code: CB10
  • Spend $15, get a $5 gift card - Use code: CB5

These expire November 21, 2010.

You can only use one coupon per order at ELF, and only get one GC per order. Make sure  you only checkout via PAYPAL so you will only get charged $6.95 for shipping.

Note: All prices in USD as ELF is a US company.

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  • Annabelle
    Thanks! Not only is this a great deal but I just wanted to add that e.l.f. is completely vegan & cruelty-free too!

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