Disposable Razors Shipped to Your House As Low As $3.50/month!

Too good to be true? A guy in a bear suit, Alejandra and Mike from DollarShaveClub Canada don't seem to think so, and neither do I!

So what is Dollar Shave Club? Well, in the States it's a club where, for a dollar, you can get shaving razors. You pay monthly and get razors sent to you every month. In the States, the $1 razors do not include shipping. In Canada the razors are a $3.50/month but shipping is included. I suspect the only reason that they show the razors for $1 without shipping in the States is that it's a lot easier to market than it is to market All that to say that the razors are pretty much the same price here as they are in the States; it's just a marketing thing. When you click through to purchase the $3.50 razors in Canada it even says the razors are $1 and the shipping is $2.50. Marketing!

  • The Humble Twin - Two bladed razor - $3.50/month - S&H Included
  • The 4x - Four bladed razor - $6.50/month - S&H Included
  • The Executive - Six bladed razor - $9.50/month - S&H Included

This whole company is a marketing machine. This video is essentially what started their success. But no company can last for long without a good product, especially with something as immediately noticeable as a razor. So what do people think? Well, most of the reviews I read were positive and, as is the norm, say that the more expensive razors are better.

When you get your first set of razors you get a handle with them too, and if you upgrade or downgrade your subscription, they send you the appropriate handle.

I haven't tried this yet because I have a big package of razors that I need to get through first and that is going to take some time. This leads me to the real reason I am interested in this service. For me it isn't a money thing because I hang on to razors forever. I just bought a big pack of disposable razors and, by every account, they should last for maximum of three to four shaves. I hang on to one disposable razor until I just about shred my face to ribbons every time I shave. It's a sickness, I know. I'm getting treatment. If I knew that I was getting a new set of razors every month and that I wasn't paying through the nose for them, I'd probably maintain a far healthier razor rotation. As soon as I burn through the 15 or so disposable razors I have left, I'm signing up for this.

(Expires: Never)

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