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I had not heard of the concept of a wine aerator until a couple of months ago, when I was searching for a gift for my partner's birthday. He's a red wine fan (not a connoisseur). I got him one of these at the time, but sadly it has not yet been out of the box! So I want some Moosers to buy one too and tell me if it really improves the quality of your red wine.

The Vinturi V1010 Red Wine Aerator used to be $48.99, but is currently offering this device for $33.99 with free delivery.

Here's what it does, in case you don't know:

Hold aerator over glass and pour wine through for instant aeration. Mixes proper amount of air in right amount of time.

So, what do you think? Will it work?

I don't really like red wine myself, it's always made me embarrassingly pass out. I'm good with white, and I love rosé, so they're my usual tipples. What's your favourite colour of wine?


  • Sarah
    It is now even cheaper at
    • Anna
      It comes to a total of $43.04 including shipping from Amazon, so I think the NewEgg one is still a better deal. Thanks Sarah :)
  • WessK
    actually if you choose the free shipper option at amazon it is slightly cheaper there than newegg (about 3$ after taxes)
    • Anna
      Ah, it was marketplace seller when I clicked through last night, there's now a deal available directly from Amazon for $30.98 but it's out of stock.
  • Simon
    I tried it, but I hate that I have to hold the aerator when I pour the wine, so I tried this one instead and I love it! And it's even cheaper!

What do you think?

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