TigerDirect.ca: Visa Gift Card + FREE Windows 8 upgrade With Lenovo Laptops

TigerDirect Canada has a triple deal for you this labour day weekend! Laptops and gift cards and upgrades, oh my!

This deal is available on a bunch of Lenovo laptops. A lot of them are on sale, some of them are not. These are some of the sales:

I love these "free money" deals. Getting a gift card for the store you are purchasing the product from is fine but not as useful as a Visa (Or MasterCard or AMEX or Diners Club, we don't take sides here at Bargainmoose) gift card. You can use these cards almost anywhere that Visa is accepted.  My dad gets these for me and my wife for birthdays and generally there is one taped to another one of our Christmas gifts. I absolutely love getting them because, honestly, sometimes it's hard to think of something you want or need. I like being able to buy something for myself whenever I want.

On top of the Visa gift cards, which I clearly like, you get a free upgrade to Windows 8 and some good laptop deals. I've been noticing a lot of these economy laptops. Things like the $300 laptop I listed up there. These are an interesting subset of laptops. The marketing is such that the company wants us, the buying public, to think of a laptop as one an essential appliance. You buy a house and with it you have to get a fridge, a stove, a microwave and a laptop. Now that might seem absurd and, truthfully,it is but at prices like these, it kind of makes sense. Even if you have a desktop, why not have a laptop kicking around?

I'm of the opinion that, at this price, buying a laptop as a guest computer isn't a bad idea. I know there have been times that I've been visiting someone without my computer and really wished I had it while we watched a movie or BBQ'd. It'd be nice to whip out their guest computer. All that being said, some people don't have the money for their own laptop, let alone a guest laptop. At $300, a laptop becomes much more feasible.

(Expires: 3rd September 2012)


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