TigerDirect.ca: Choose Your own Deal! Customer Appreciation Week!

Before it's a deal, it's a pre-deal! TigerDirect Canada is doing something cool for customer appreciation week. Go democracy!

Like I said, this isn't really sale but more of an opportunity for a sale. TigerDirect Canada is offering a chance for you to choose the deals for their customer appreciation week which starts on 21st October 2012.

They have seven categories set up from computers to home entertainment and even some components and you have to vote on which one you'd rather have a deal on. I want to see you get the deals on whatever your little heart desires so get over there and do some voting.

Now I know it's taboo to talk about who you're voting for but how about you tell me. I won't tell anyone else, I promise. Just drop a little comment down below... You know, between me and you.

Oh, and once the deals are announced, be sure to make your way back here to find out what they are!

(Expires: 20th October 2012)

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