The Source Canada: Fusion Rotating Power Block $19.88 (Orig. $99.99)

Looking for the ultimate power bar for your home theatre system? Look no further than the Fusion Rotating Power Block. Plug almost anything in with the comfort of rotating the plugs so your ends don't interfere with each other. Originally $99.99 it is regularly $59.99 but marked down to only $19.88 right now.

What they say about this adapter:

The 90-degree rotating outlet design maximizes your space and accommodates large, bulky adapters. It includes 12 total grounded outlets—8 rotating and 4 fixed. The rotating power block offers 4320 joules of surge protection and $75,000 Connected Equipment Guarantee. It includes phone line protection as well as Coax/DSS protection.

So if your power bars are suffering bulky adapter overload, check out this bar and see how everything can fit once again. Here is one of the many positive reviews about this product I found:

Convenient rotating blocks allow for an alternating arrangement where large adapters can be plugged in without removing access to other outlets. Additionally, the cord is a great length to accommodate any arrangement.

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