Kobo Canada: $70 - $100 Off The Kobo Arc

18 August 2013

I was actually in the middle of typing up a deal for the Kobo Vox (which predates this) when I found this deal and knew it was better. Enjoy $70 to $100 off the Kobo Arc at Kobo Canada.

The price depends on the size of tablet you buy. Here is the discount tier:

  • Kobo Arc 16 GB for $129.99 (was: $199.99)
  • Kobo Arc 32 GB for $179.99 (was: $249.99)
  • Kobo Arc 64 GB for $199.99 (was: $299.99)

I'd previously had trouble selecting the 16GB, but that error seems to be fixed now. All three sizes are in stock and are available in either white or black.

If you are wanting a cost effective tablet for back to school, this certainly is it. For the extra money it costs, I would go with either the 32GB or the 64GB if you love your music. I have found that my 16GB device is maxed out on memory all the time, and I cannot fit even half of my music collection on it, and that is without hardly any photos. I also like to put movies on my device for travelling, and the small size of my tablet makes that more difficult.

Enjoy free shipping with your order.

(Expiry: 31st August 2013)

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  • Natalie
    Also if you order or reserve online, enter the word 'secret' in the promo code area for an add'l $10. If you buy at the store without first reserving online, you might not get the add'l $10 off. Love my white Kobo Arc. Just a brief mention that if you are looking for an ereader only, I recommend the GLO which is the same price b/c I find the Arc a bit heavy to hold while reading for long.
    • Avigayil M.
      Thanks for the advice!

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