Future Shop Canada: Pay With PayPal & Get Up To $25 Back

You don't always need a credit card to shop online. Get a PayPal account, which is free, and you can use it to shop at a ton of retailers. Right now you can also get up to $25 in cash back when you shop at Future Shop.

I've been using PayPal for about a year now and find it incredibly handy. I can get and make payments, and it is totally free for this type of service. I originally opened the account to buy something from Etsy, where some of the sellers don't have the ability to take credit card payments. You can transfer money from your bank account or store your credit card information there so that you don't have to give it out to retailers. It makes it safer to do transactions. It also makes it easier to buy items, because all of your shipping information is stored and you don't have to enter it over and over.

PayPal also has various deals and incentives to pay with them while shopping, making whatever deal you get that much better. Future Shop has just started using PayPal as a payment method, and are offering cash back on your purchases using PayPal.

When you spend between $100 and $249, you'll get $10 back in cash in your PayPal account. Spending more than $250 gets you $25 back in cash.

If you need a reason to shop at Future Shop, check out the PC gaming hardware and accessories sale, or the backpack sale.

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  • Troy
    Future shop uses your PayPal account like its a credit card: I had a bad time with future shop and pay pal as I made one order of DVDs they had the DVDs in different ware houses so they had to split my order.... Here is where is gets crazy, future shop will pre othorize your PayPal account with every shipment..... So they shipped one DVD and pre authorized the hole order amount of $52 and only took 15.... Then shipped the other DVDs and pre authorized my Paypal account again for the full amount of $52 and only took $36.... So they still have a "pre authorize" my CASH ACCOUNT! Taking my PayPal balance for the pre authorization and I'm still waiting to get the funds into my PayPal account..... BEWARE!

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