Eton Fr1000 Hand Cranked Radio Was $130 Now $50 @

I was browsing on and I saw this interesting product - the Etón FR1000 voicelink weather crank radio with walkie talkie. I'm usually interested in things like electronics, headphones, cameras, computers, and this kind of item is not something I'd usually post about. However, it's a very good price. It was $129.99 and is now down to $49.96.

The Eton Fr1000 is a is a battery or self-powered hand-crank radio, and a 2 way walkie talkie, and a flashlight, and a siren. It actually sounds like a good little device that could be handy to keep in the trunk of your car.

I was thinking about the Zombpocalypse today, and I think this radio might be a good device to have to hand, should that event ever come to happen. We have no idea if the power network will be up and running for long once the zombies are out in force, so a hand-cranked radio might be just the ticket.

I cannot find the Eton FR1000 at any other online Canadian stores, so can't show you a valid price comparison. I did google for reviews though and there are a few on, but sadly they're a bit mixed, from 1 star right up to 5 stars. They're worth reading if you want to make an informed decision before buying this radio... even if the zombies are banging at your door as you read this.


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  • Tricia
    These are a great idea! I got one for my mom after the Big Blackout of 2003. She had an old old battery powered radio that we used and thought a hand crank one would be awesome and it is!

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