Coupon Code: 40% Off Domains


Receive 40% off new domains when you register your domain through Most domains cost $9.99 no matter where you register, but with this promo, your domain will cost just $5.99 per year.

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  • Coupon Code: 40DOMAINS
  • Discount: 40% off
  • Expiry: 19th September 2014

There are a few exclusions:

Coupon is not valid with sunrise registrations, landrush registrations, EAP registrations, pre-registrations, premium registrations, renewals, transfers, custom website design, other coupons, or special pricing.

This is the best coupon code we have seen for domain registrations for a while. The previous coupon to this was only 30% off.

As I mentioned before, the best way to buy your domain is for multiple years at a time. That way you lock in the highest savings right at the beginning. There really are no coupons for renewing and you do not want to let your domain laps as someone else might buy it when you are waiting for another deal. In addition, you would lose all your hard work and content. If you bought your domain for five years, it would only cost you $29.97 US instead of $49.95.


Do note that this coupon code will not affect any additional fees like 'domain privacy' add-ons and whatnot. They have a box automatically checked that gives you domain privacy (hides your contact information) but costs $8.99 per year, which is more than your domain is going to cost per year after this coupon code. People will debate back and forth whether the domain privacy is worth it, but I assume it depends on what you are using the domain for.

FYI: Pampered Moose is available as a .com for just $5.99 a year after coupon code, for anyone looking to start a business or blog and needing a funky title.

When I bought my own domain, I only got it for two years and boy that was a mistake. I really should have taken advantage of the discount for a full five years, as I know I will be paying full price to renew it. While this offer only saves you a few dollars per years, those dollars can add up if you are not making money off your website. I do not use banners on my personal website so every dollar I put into it comes out of my pocket. I like to save those dollars too.

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