Best Buy Canada: Sanus 13" - 32" Tilting TV Mount Only $9.97


Best Buy Canada has a Sanus 13" - 32" Tilting Flat-Panel TV Wall Mount on final clearance for just $9.97.

This mount originally cost $24.99. I know that because I blogged about it a couple years back on Bargainmoose and it was on sale from that price. I also price compared with (I assume) the newer model of the same mount on Costco, and it retails for $26.99. Given the original price and the price of small Sanus TV mounts currently, I think this is a great deal from Best Buy - especially for someone on a budget.

The mount does not have very high ratings on Best Buy, which I find amusing because the same mount had very good ratings on Future Shop when I blogged about it before. At Future Shop, it had a 4.2/5 rating with 13 voters while at Best Buy, it currently has a 2/5 rating with 2 votes. The lone reviewer has said:

The metal parts of this bracket are made very good. Only the plastic slider for the tilt mechanism has too much play which gives the whole bracket a bit sloppy feeling. It can be tolerated if you buy it when it is on sale.

Well, it is on sale and a great price.

I so desperately want to mount our TV that I almost want to buy my own home just to do it. I have having a TV stand that takes up so much room when I could just slap a mount on the wall and be done with it. The TV would also be at a better viewing height and I would not have to worry about the cats getting too excited and knocking our TV over. I like keeping expensive electronics out of the way of wreck-less furballs. Unfortunately, as a renter it is just not a good idea to install a wall-mount if I want my entire deposit back.

I would totally buy this mount if it were the right size for my TV. I would just store it until I moved into a place where I could mount it. For $10, this is a steal. I also happen to be somewhat handy, so I would also work on fixing the extra 'play' in the bracket. Surely, there are ways to solve that.

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