Acoustic Research Remote Control Was $100 Now $60 @


The Acoustic research carrx06g 6-device remote control with colour LCD screen has a special price on it, at The Source Canada. It was previously $99.99, but has been reduced to $59.99 for a couple of weeks.

The Acoustic Research Remote Control sounds like a really good device for controlling all your bits and bobs. You can order it online and collect at your local store, or pay extra for shipping to your home ($4.95).

It gets excellent reviews from customers on The Source – there are only 5 reviews, but the overall rating is 4 and a half stars out of 5.

Rrestiaux says:

This is a great unit. If needed I would buy another one in a heartbeat. I recommend this to everyone that has too many remotes.

I’m tripping over remotes in my house! There are currently 5 remotes lying round, and my baby has a strange fascination with them. She loves to poke, prod and eat them. I know it’s not a great idea, but I’m always watching her just in case she manages to extract the batteries and lick those. I wouldn’t like to run to the emergency room, hauling a baby full of batteries!

(Ends 22nd June 2011)

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  • JJ
    I bought one of these remotes to replace a bevy of remotes (most of which were having problems). Seemed like a good idea, that was two months ago and I now have another remote that does not work properly. Many calls to AR tech support left me feeling like an idiot and I now have another piece of junk on the table beside my lift chair, but hey, at least I can control the volume, sometimes. If you buy one of these things, try to drag one of your computer geek friends home to set it up for you, especially if you have any typ of phisical handicap. Trying to talk on a phone and follow tech support when you only have the use use of one arm is frustrating beyond belief.

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