FREE Coffee @ Country Style Canada!

Hands up who likes Tim Hortons? And hands up who likes Country Style? Hands up who doesn’t care where their caffeine comes from, as long as they get it in their belly, ASAP!? Well, if you like either of those stores, I’ll tell you about a little promotion that Country Style are running up to the 8th of March 2009.

If you bring in any competitors’ “Sorry Try Again” promotional cup tabs, Country Style will give you a free medium coffee! So you can keep your cups from your last visit to Timmies, scrounge them off your friends and co-workers, or hunt for them in the trash cans, then use them to get yourself a freebie!

Why do you think Country Style have this promotion? They must give out quite a lot of free coffee!? My thoughts are that they want to give out the free coffee to create a positive image of their brand, in the minds of the consumers. Plus, if the people like the coffee, perhaps they’ll actually spend money at Country Style more often, rather than going to Timmies. Well, that’s my take on the situation!

Is Country Style cheaper than Timmies?

Oh and speaking of Timmies - they started their "Roll up the rim" promo last weekend.

What do you think?

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