EXCLUSIVE: Teavana Coupon Code: Get $10 off $30!


For a short time only, we’ve set up a really great exclusive coupon code which you can use online on your orders on Teavana.com, AKA tea heaven. The coupon code will get you ten bucks off any order of $30 or more. Here are the details:

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  • Coupon Code: BARGAINMOOSE30
  • Discount: $10 off $30
  • Expires: 3rd June 2014

I have to say, $10 off $30 is a really good discount amount for this Teavana coupon code; that’s technically a saving of a third. And they have such a wide range of teas to choose from, I had no idea that there were so many blends of tea!

I am a plain-old “English breakfast” or “Earl grey” tea drinker, I don’t usually go for anything fancy when it comes to tea. But some of the blends on Teavana sound really tempting, such as the Marshmallow Macaron Herbal Tea or the Blackberry Mojito Green Tea. The names alone evoke the senses, bringing those aromas to mind when you read their names. How about you? Have you got any favourite Teavana blends?

My sister loves herbal tea, she doesn’t drink coffee at all. While recently donning my thinking cap to try and think of a birthday pressie for her, I came up with the idea of a gift box of various flavours of tea. If you are trying to think of a present for a friend of family member, have a look at the gift sets on Teavana and you might spot something relevant. My sister loved her gift!

Canadian shipping:

When you place an order from Teavana.com, you don’t need to worry about any hidden fees. All products ship from the US, but there are no extra duties to worry about. The amount that you see at the checkout is all that you’re going to pay. On orders less than $50, Canadian shipping is $4.75 which is really reasonable. However, you may want to make your order up to $50. At that amount, you get free ground shipping to your home.

Prices are shown in US dollars, and you’re charged the conversion rate when you are billed, so take that into consideration when you’re placing your order. E.g. I was checking out a $64 order, which is approximately $69 Canadian.

We’ll have this and all the other Canadian coupon codes on the Teavana coupon code here page on our forums, always stop by there before you buy anything online. (P.S. This coupon code went out in our weekly newsletter earlier today, make sure you are signed up to it!)

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