Topdrawers Canada: 40% Off Diesel Gear Men's Socks, Wallets, & More

22 September 2014


Top Drawers Canada has a selection of Diesel Gear men's socks, wallets, and more on sale in their clearance section for 40% off.

There are five socks designs that were $16 and are now $9.60:

There are also two pairs of socks that were $13 and are now on sale for $7.80. These are both ankle socks.

This is a good price for brand name socks coming from a person who buys brand name socks! Ankle socks are generally cheaper because they use less fabric, and I am a big fan of ankle socks myself. I tend to wear through them faster than the rest of my socks because I wear them more. They are great for slipping on with sneakers or just wearing around the house. I love how bright and colourful the Diesel blue and orange coloured socks are.

The other big deal from Diesel is their wallets for men. Receive 40% off all their wallets no matter what the starting price. The Diesel Output Processor Wallet in Navy was $45 and is now on sale for $27. A basic, hardworking, techno-fabric wallet that will last you for years. This wallet also comes in Green  or in Black.

There are three other wallets to choose from as well. The Diesel Neela XS Wallet Brown was $72 and is now on sale for $43.20. It is made out of leather, which is my preferred material for a wallet as it ages well. The same wallet design also comes in a wicked print: check out the Diesel Neela XS Wallet 'Only The Brave". It is not made of leather so it costs a little less. Originally $59, it is now $35.40.  Lastly, the Diesel Hiresh Small Wallet Camo is also available for $60, originally $100. It is the most expensive option and not worth it in my opinion as the Neela line looks better!

There are a few men's leather bracelets and a bodybag (not the kind you carry bodies in - you sicko!) also available in the Diesel Gear 40% off sale. If you are placing an order, you may want to check them out as well.

Shipping starts at $9.95 and depends on how many items you are ordering.

(Expiry: Unknown)

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