Pro Hockey Life: Leafs Jersey Was $170 | Now $85


Cheer on your favourite player by wearing their number and name on your jersey. Right now at Pro Hockey Life you'll get 50% off name and number Leafs jerseys and t-shirts until NHL trade deadline day. This means that after you buy your jersey may no longer be the right jersey for that player, but that doesn't mean you can't wear it. Most Leafs jerseys sell for $169.99 and are on sale for $84.99, with the exception of a few players.

There are only a few player's jerseys and shirts available to be bought for this sale. The most expensive one is number 3, Phaneuf, which was $199.99 and now $99.99. This exact jersey is $159.99 at Shop Sportchek actually sells it for $219.99 so this is a fantastic deal that you'll be getting from Pro Hockey Life. This one is only available in small and medium though, so the larger guys will be out of luck.

Other jerseys that are now on sale for $84.99 are Kessel, Bernier, Clarkson, Kadri, Lupil, Rielly and Riemsdyk.

Women's jerseys are also on sale with a regular price of $134.99 and now only $67.49, although they don't have the coveted Phaneuf.

As for t-shirts, Reebok t-shirts were $29.99 and now $14.99. There are a number of players available, like Gardiner and more and men's and women's t-shirts are the same price, unlike the jersey prices.

If your kid is a Leafs fan, don't forget about getting them a shirt too, but it will have to be Kadri and the regular price was $24.99 and now $12.49.

Unfortunately, it doesn't look like Pro Hockey Life has a minimum for free shipping, so you'll have to pay a flat rate, which to Ontario is $15. While that may be steep, if you getting one of the jerseys, the savings you'll see there will far outweigh what you'll pay for shipping. It wouldn't make sense to buy one tee and pay for shipping. You might want to call some of your hockey loving friends and get an order together to save on your shipping costs.

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(Expiry: 2nd March 2015)

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